Easter Egg Hunt Tokens

Wooded Valley Designs

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These tokens will make your Easter egg hunt amazing this year!  Include non-candy ideas, or things that won't fit in eggs to make your hunt extra special.  And, these can be used year after year!


You can get 10 tokens for $8.  Just write the options you want in the box.  Eggs not included.


You can use our ideas, or come up with your own custom ideas that will fit your family.  


Here are some ideas:

Movie Night

Extra Bedtime Story

Ice Cream

Soda Run

Board/Card Game

$5, or $1

Skip a Chore 

Candy Bar

Choice of Dinner

Trip to the Park

Stay up an hour late

1 day free of chores

1 dollar store item

Day with Mom

A treat after dinner

1 hour of video games

Late night with friends

Fishing Day

Blanket Fort

Lunch Date

1 Hour of Screen Time

Spa Day

Hot Chocolate

Day with Dad

Bike Ride

Have a friend Over

Breakfast for Dinner