Stacked Pumpkin Halloween Paint Kit | Fireplace Mantle Decor Fall | DIY fall decor

Wooded Valley Designs

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Need some fun new Halloween decorations?  These fun stacked pumpkins are just the thing to make your decor pop!  They make a great addition to any home.  They come in various sizes to match your style.  They come with a stand to make them easy to set-up, take down, and store.  

Here are the options:

Size:  12.5" tall or 18.5" tall

Unfinished:  This comes sanded and ready to paint so you can have a fun project to work on.  It makes a fun girls night project or mother daughter date.  Here's a tip:  because it comes in 2 layers, it's a super easy project!  Just paint each layer, wait for it to dry, and glue together.  Throw in some snacks, and it's the perfect easy girls night!

Snowman Kit:  You can add on a snowman kit, which include all the pieces to make an adorable snowman on the back of the decoration.  That way, when winter comes, you can just spin it around, and bam!  Winter decorations are done!  The snowman pieces come unpainted only.