3 Awesome Easter Traditions

Posted by Tina Chandler on

One of our favorite Easter traditions is an Easter egg hunt in the dark. There are different colored eggs in the yard - everyone is assigned their own color of egg. After the sun goes down, you try to find them as fast as you can with a flashlight! Inside the eggs is fake money, and after the hunt we have an auction to earn fun prizes. To show off your finds and prizes in an extra cute basket, check out our easter basket tags HERE.

Another tradition that is a lot of fun to do with your family is an Easter countdown. Sort of like an advent calendar for Easter. Starting on Palm Sunday, there is a drawer containing items that represent the events of that day. You could even make your own Easter countdown. First do a little research on what happened on each day of the week. Then you can draw pictures, use things from around your house, or craft something to make a representation. Then each day, open them up and study what that item represents as a family.

For the final tradition, I want to share one that we all do, painting eggs. But sometimes this tradition can get a bit messy and make a whole lot of mess to clean up. If you want something easier and cleaner but still just as fun for your little ones, try using stickers or markers instead of paint. If you do decide to paint, make sure you lay down some paper or cardboard to protect your table before starting!

Easter is a time to celebrate with family and friends, and using these tips, you can make this Easter unforgettable!